Tom Desmond CEO
August 13, 2021

How Google My Business Can Impact Your Rankings

Getting your dentist’s office at the top of the search results is key. Making use of every tool you have can make a big difference. But many people miss the importance of Google My Business (GMB). Used correctly, your GMB profile can be a powerful tool to improve your rankings and get the attention of new patients. 

Unsure where to start? Here’s what you need to know about Google My Business, including what it can do for you and why it’s important for dentist SEO (search engine optimization).

Google My Business Makes a Local Impact

Google My Business is a service that allows you to confirm information about your business. This information can help boost your business in the local rankings. Local potential patients aren’t searching through newspaper ads and paying attention to billboards as much anymore—they’re turning to Google with their questions about local businesses. 

When you have a completed GMB profile, Google may prioritize your business over other businesses that haven’t taken this step. This information can help you rank higher when people look for local businesses through Google Maps and Search. That means you can climb the rankings where you need them most: locally, not in nationwide searches. 

Providing Information to Your Patients

But it’s not all about the rankings. Your Google My Business is a useful tool for potential patients, too. They can see at a glance what services you offer and how you can help them. 

For example, a potential patient may need a tooth extraction. They may need to know right now what services you offer, how easy it is to make an appointment, and what they can expect when they arrive at your office. If they can’t find information about your services, they may choose to schedule with a different dentist.

Luckily, you have an opportunity to act now and build a Google My Business profile that gets the attention of potential clients. 

What Should My GMB Include? 

But what information should your Google My Business profile contain? Your profile has categories for important information that can help your client navigate your services. These may include hours of operation, pricing information, and other key details. 

You can also use your profile to verify your office’s location. This can be especially useful if your office is away from the main road and may be tricky to find. If your office isn’t in a visible location, potential patients may struggle to find it and may ultimately choose not to use your services. 

This is another good reason to make sure that your marketing team keeps your information always up to date. It will also be useful for ranking your dentist office in Google Maps.

Find Out How SEO Marketing Can Help You Dominate the Rankings 

Want to see your dentist’s office dominate the rankings for your area? The right digital marketing team can make a difference in your site’s performance, boosting rankings, traffic, and conversion. When you’re ready to speak with our team at ApricotDental, we’ll start with a free consultation about your site and what we can do to improve it. Give us a call at 877-491-6981, or complete the online contact form below.

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