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Social Media for Dentists

Social media is everywhere. For some people, social media is the first place they look when they’re in search of a service or product. That applies to dentistry, too.

But how do you know what you should and shouldn’t be doing on social media as a dentist? You know there are tried and true methods for reaching new patients via social media, but what are they, exactly?

We’re here to help you cut through the confusion and build a social media strategy that will work for you. At ApricotDental, we provide active posting on social media for dentists. Because social media is only one part of an effective digital marketing strategy, social media is just one part of our larger effort to help our clients win online.

Why Social Media Is Important for Dentists

Social media may not have a direct impact on your search engine rankings, but regular posting to your Twitter, Facebook, and other social media pages can help. By actively engaging with your audience, you’re more likely to attract the attention of potential clients.

The more information available about your dental practice, the better. The right reviews, responses to your audience, and a presence online can improve your website traffic and help you better connect with patients. Let our team handle your social media accounts to complement your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

Improving Conversion of Dental Patients

While there may not be a direct connection between your rankings and your social media accounts, social media can make a difference to potential clients. If they’re seeing more information and active engagement with your audience, they’re more likely to check out your site and trust you.

When looking for a dentist online, a potential patient wants to see someone responsive. Social media can be a great place for people to ask questions, leave reviews, and otherwise engage with your office. That interaction gives you the chance to convert more of that audience into patients.

More Opportunities for Your Dentist Practice

Posting on social media can improve conversion among those site visitors who are already familiar with you, but what about those who may not be actively searching for your services? Social media accounts can give you another avenue to spread the word of your services across the internet.

When you create social media accounts for your dental office and post regularly, you’re raising the chances that potential patients will see your content, even if they haven’t started looking for a dentist quite yet. These social media posts will be linked to a page or blog post on your site, so when potential patients see your posts, they only have to click to reach your website.

When internet users see your business engaging on a social media platform, they may be more likely to head to your website and see your work and what you offer.

ApricotDental Helps Dentists with Social Media

While ranking high in Google is important to your success, having a strong social media presence can take your digital marketing efforts even further. That’s why our team at ApricotDental will make sure we share the smiles you make on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.

If you haven’t been maximizing your online potential with social media for dentists, reach out to us by calling 877-491-6981 or filling out the contact form below.

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