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Dentist Reputation Management

While word of mouth is a great way to improve your reputation and find more dental clients, it doesn’t have the same power it once did. While many of us will take a dentist recommendation from a friend, we’re also likely to make sure that dentist offers everything we need. Do they offer services we want and use? What about pediatric dentistry? Most importantly, though, do they have good reviews?

A good first impression is vital, but that first impression likely isn’t made the day they step into your office. Instead, they may have already researched your firm well before they chose to make an appointment. With this in mind, you’ll need to make sure what they see online puts your best foot forward.

Maintaining a great website and social media presence is important, but don’t forget that your reviews and comments will also play a role in converting visitors to clients. At ApricotDental, we specialize in dentist reputation management and can help ensure those reviews put you in a good light.

Getting Great Reviews for Your Dental Practice

When your potential clients first begin looking for a new dentist, they may start by looking at the number of stars next to your name. While your site should include plenty of information about the services you offer and your results, potential clients also want to hear from people who are actual customers.

As such, you can expect most of your audience to look at your reviews. If you don’t have any, or if you only have a few, that can hurt you. While most of those reviews may be positive, a single bad review can drastically affect your rating. They may also see a low number of reviews and seek out a dentist with more reviews, since they may seem more reliable and established.

As such, one of the first steps for our promotion team will be to focus on growing the number of reviews you have. The more reviews on your page, the better chances of conversion you have, so our promotion team will focus on addressing a lack of reviews.

Negative Online Reviews? We Can Help

Unfortunately, a negative review is likely to crop up from time to time. People may be angry or upset for any number of reasons, and when they are, they may choose to leave a negative review that puts you in a bad light. That can bring down your rating and stand out among good reviews.

That’s where our team comes in. We’ll help you deal with negative reviews before they can hurt your reputation. For example, we might ask the person who left the review to take it down, especially if they weren’t a client at your practice. In some cases, a polite but specific reply can show that you care enough to respond and may not have done anything wrong.

If these options aren’t possible, we’ll fight back by seeking out more reviews for your practice. While the negative reviews may not be removable, we can drown them out by seeking reviews from current and former patients who might be willing to give a more positive review.

How Our Promotion Team Can Help

You might already keep track of your dentist office’s online reviews, but what can you do when someone writes a negative review or even an unflattering blog post or article? These actions can hurt your dentist office’s reputation, so you’ll need help even if you’re aware of the problem.

Fortunately, our promotion team can monitor your site and social media accounts for negative reviews. You need to focus on your practice and patients, so our team will take care of managing your online reputation. We’ll make sure that your online presence gives visitors a good first impression, which can be the step that turns them from visitors to clients.  

See How an SEO Company Can Improve Your Online Reputation

When you’re settling on an SEO company that covers everything you need, make sure that your company has a team devoted to how you’re seen online. Maintaining a positive appearance online can affect how others see you, and the right promotions team can boost your traffic.

That’s why we at ApricotDental have a team dedicated to your reviews and reputation. You need people to boost positive reviews and bury negative ones. As such, our team focuses on highlighting the best reviews and responses to your practice.

When you’re struggling to get patients through your office door, the answer might be as simple as improving your ratings. If you’re concerned about your reviews and want to make them work for you, reach out to us for dentist reputation management. We can be reached by calling 877-491-6981 or by responding to our contact form on this page.

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