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Retargeting for Dentists

Advertising has become more and more complicated in the digital age, and most forms of advertising are now done online. If you don’t know anything about online marketing and advertising, then you probably don’t know the different ways dentists are reaching new patients these days.

One effective method to advertise to consumers online is through retargeting ads. But retargeting for dentists is a complicated subject. For more information, read on.

What Is Dental Ad Retargeting?

Retargeting is when online consumers’ actions are tracked and ads are directed (retargeted) toward the people who seem most interested in your services.

Only a handful of consumers will turn into patients immediately after visiting your website. Like the cat that came back and refused to go away, your ads will follow them around online after they’ve left your website.

Are Retargeting Ads Really That Effective?

Yes, they really are. These retargeting ads help you obtain patients by keeping your services and products on the consumers’ screens for between thirty and ninety days. If they really are interested in the services of a dentist like you, they are more likely to call you because they keep seeing your ads day after day.

Detailed Explanation of How Dentist Retargeting Ads Work

Here’s a better idea of how dentist retargeting works: Potential dental patients land on your website and wander around for a while, but they don’t call you to get more information or set up a dental appointment. They continue surfing the Internet all day, doing things unrelated to dental searches:

  • Research
  • Online shopping
  • Checking their Facebook accounts
  • Watching YouTube videos
  • Sending out tweets

As they move around the web, they will see your ads popping up on their screens. That’s because YouTube and other online retailers/businesses allow other businesses to advertise on their pages. They are paid a small percentage to allow ads on their pages, and consumers will see these ads as they move around the Internet.

This continues to keep your dental practice, and the services or products the potential patients were looking at on your website, embedded in their minds. Eventually, you will achieve name recognition as the consumers recognize your brand and your products.

The goal is that the consumers will eventually click on one of these retargeting ads, deciding that they do want your dental services, after all. After converting those Internet users into dental patients, the retargeting ads will have done their job.

Example of Dental Retargeting

Someone was browsing for a dentist in New York and stumbled across a landing page on your website. He was looking at the clear aligners you offer. He leaves your site without reaching out to your practice to make an appointment or to ask about the clear aligners.

Retargeting ads will pop up as he browses other websites. These ads might display the clear aligners he was looking at. This keeps those aligners fresh in his mind and keeps him wondering whether he should spring for them. The idea is that he eventually will.

Get Started on Your Dental Ad Retargeting Campaign

When you invest in ad retargeting for your dental website, you are setting yourself up to beat your competition. Those website visitors will remember your dental practice when they finally make the decision to get the dental services they’ve been wanting or needing for years.

In some cases, your dental office’s name will stick with them for months or years down the line. When they reach for the phone to contact a dentist at last, it will be your practice’s name they remember.

Do you need more information about retargeting for dentists? Give ApricotDental a call at 877-491-6981.

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