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Is your dentist office interested in increasing your online marketing efforts through dentist PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns? ApricotDental has helped numerous clients thrive online by upping their PPC game, and we can help your dental practice, as well.

Though our company recommends combining search engine optimization (SEO) strategies with PPC advertising (because we believe that utilizing both marketing campaigns will reach the widest audience and convert the most leads), we do offer exclusive PPC campaigns, as well.

Many dental practitioners understand the concept of search engine optimization, but they may not be up to date on the ways PPC advertising can help their practice to obtain more patients. This page covers why dental PPC is so helpful and what it can do to build your practice up until you’re towering over the competition.

More about Pay-Per-Click (PPC) for Dentists

Pay-per-click advertising is easier to understand than you might think. An advertiser (any business that signs up for this service) pays a fee when an internet user clicks on a PPC advertisement.

One good thing about PPC ad campaigns is that your ad will appear on the first page in search engine results pages (on Google, Yahoo, or Bing) even if your website or landing pages aren’t ranking well organically.

It is a very fast way to drive traffic to your website. SEO can take some time, and you may not get your website pages on the first page of search engine results right away. So for faster traffic, PPC campaigns can get you the leads your dental practice needs now.

Many times, internet users searching for a dentist in their area will click on the paid ad that sits in that number one spot, rather than clicking on the top page that’s ranking organically.

Maximizing Your Dental PPC Ads

When you pay for advertising, it’s with the expectation that it’s going to generate more business for your dentistry practice. PPC ads work, and they work well, but you’ve got to know what you’re doing. At ApricotDental, we know how to run a successful PPC campaign so that you pay less for your ads but generate as many leads as possible.

Although PPC ads are extremely effective, the process isn’t easy, and it can be expensive if you don’t understand how the process works. You can’t just expect to pay for the number-one spot on a search engine’s results page, because it doesn’t work that way (and you probably couldn’t afford it).

Google uses an algorithm called ad rank—based on your website’s quality score, your ad’s formatting, keywords, and your bid amount—to decide where to input your ad in a search.

ApricotDental’s goal is to get you as many leads as possible while improving your ad’s rankings and reducing the amount of money you pay per click, so that you can receive a good return on your investment.

How Does ApricotDental Put Pay-Per-Click Advertising to Work for You?

The point of any advertising strategy is to turn prospects into leads. It’s patients you really want, right? So how will ApricotDental get your website and your PPC ads to direct more patients your way?

The PPC ads must be optimized to yield the highest results, especially if you’re waiting for your SEO campaign to push your organic rankings to the top. There are many different gears we will have to turn in order to make your PPC ads garner you the amount of dental patients you’re after.

Using the Best Keywords for Your Dental Practice and Market

The best keywords that will lead to more patients for you are ones that work well with Google AdWords matches. Research must be conducted to decide what the very best keywords are for your market and for your dental practice area.

There are different keyword match types that you can utilize to run your dental practice PPC campaign, such as exact match, broad match, broad-match modifier, and phrase match.

This works how you might think it would.

  • For an exact-match keyword, your ad will only display if someone types in the exact same keywords.
  • For a broad match, your ad will display if someone types in a similar combination of words or some type of variation of your keywords.
  • For a broad-match modifier, you get more control in deciding which variations you want included in your keyword campaign.
  • Finally, for the phrase match option, your ad will appear to those who are searching for your specific phrase or some variation.

It is also possible to utilize negative keywords so that your ad never displays if those negative keywords are present. Sometimes a word may seem related to your dental practice when it’s not, and using negative keywords keeps you from wasting money on people who aren’t interested in your type of dentistry or the services you provide.

What Is Split Testing in PPC Ads?

Split testing, often called A/B testing, is a strategy that can be used to test which of your PPC ads will be most effective in generating leads. You actually get to try out different keyword campaigns, using variations of keywords in your ads.

Whichever ad demonstrates a higher conversion rate during testing is obviously the one you want to use during your PPC campaign.

Utilizing Ad Extensions in Generating More Traffic for Your Dentist Business

Another tool that can help your PPC ads reach the next level is Google ad extensions. These extensions are extra bits of information you can add to your ads that help to generate more leads by driving more traffic to your website.

Unfortunately, some dentists aren’t able to reap the benefits of ad extensions as they aren’t usually available unless your dentistry website meets Google’s minimum ad ranking. When ApricotDental is managing your dental PPC campaign, your ad rank score should rise quickly, which sets you up to enjoy the benefits of Google ad extensions.

Dental PPC Lead Tracking

It’s important to track where your leads are coming from, especially if you are utilizing SEO and pay-per-click advertising. You want to know what method is working and which PPC ads are bringing in the most traffic. That’s where tracking comes in. Tracking will tell you which ads are successful at generating leads and which are relative duds.

As part of this, ApricotDental will implement tracking phone numbers so that we can show you exactly what your PPC ads are doing for you.

When you track your ads, you will be able to eliminate the ads that aren’t converting users into patients. You can then focus your money and your efforts on the ads that are working. You will also be able to modify future campaigns by following the format of the ads that are working for you.

Geo-Targeting and How It Helps to Optimize Your Dental PPC Ads

Geo-targeting ads are a type of online ad campaign that can actually target users based on where they live (geo = location).

For instance, you would likely target people living in Hollywood, California, differently than you would those who are living in rural Tennessee.

Additionally, if you don’t have a nationwide business, you don’t want your Hollywood ads showing up in Tennessee. That would be a waste of money, since it’s unlikely that those dental patients would travel to Hollywood to get a tooth pulled.

That’s what geo-targeting is all about. It customizes your ads to the location of your choosing.

You don’t need your dentist pay-per-click ads being shown in New York if your practice isn’t based there. You want your ads to show in your local community. With geo-targeting, you get to focus your ads on specific locations, such as towns, cities, states, and counties. Your location choices will depend on how far you want your ads to reach.

Get the Most Out of Google AdWords and PPC Advertising for Dentists

Your top competitors are likely using Google AdWords and PPC advertising already, and if so, they may be getting all the best leads. You mustn’t make the mistake of failing to take advantage of PPC and not including it in your online marketing strategy. If you do it right, PPC can get you the patients you need to get or keep your dentistry booming.

To get the most out of your PPC campaign and generate as many leads as possible, you will need to know what you’re doing, or you’ll need to hire a company that does. To be successful, you will need to utilize the following: the best-converting keywords, ad extensions, geo-targeting, lead tracking, and data analysis.

Get the Dental PPC Management You’ve Been Looking For

PPC advertising is a great way to get the leads you’re after; however, you want to work with a company that can help you make the most out of your PPC budget. ApricotDental can handle your PPC campaign to ensure that you get more patients through the doors of your practice without breaking the bank.

Are you ready to get started on your dentist PPC campaign? For more information about how ApricotDental can help you reach your business goals, reach out to us directly by dialing 877-491-6981. You can also fill out and send in the form located at the bottom of this webpage.

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