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Dental Digital Marketing

Is your dental firm struggling to gain or keep clients? If so, you may need a new lead generation strategy. At ApricotDental, we understand dental digital marketing and can customize a campaign for you.

The way people grasp information has transformed in the past few decades. Although someone in the late ’90s may have piqued interest in a local business by flipping through the newspaper or watching commercials on TV, the internet has taken over the advertising space.

As people search for keywords on Google or scroll through their social media feeds, they read blog posts, reviews, and see relevant pages or advertisements. Many users don’t realize they’re being advertised to because they’re doing the work of searching and scrolling. Slowly, however, they make their way to a company’s website and schedule an appointment or buy a product.

Digital marketing is successful because it combines both paid and organic strategies, and leads consumers through a sales funnel. Unlike newspapers and commercials used in the past, we nurture prospects from cold to warm to hot leads until they purchase. Even when a lead doesn’t purchase, there are strategies in place to pull them back into the top of the funnel. 

As a dental practice, it’s essential to harness the power of digital marketing. Without creating an online presence, you’ll miss out on hundreds of potential clients and your competitors will likely outsell you. You may hesitate to implement dental digital marketing because it takes time and effort. Hiring a skilled marketing team can make you feel at ease. At ApricotDental, we’ll help your dental firm succeed online.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Dentists 

SEO is one of the most important parts of dental digital marketing. SEO for dentists involves optimizing your website for Google so you can rank as high as possible for relevant keywords you think potential clients will search for. These keywords may be a combination of the location you’re in and the services you offer.

A lot goes into SEO for dentists, including a well-structured website with original content, website load speed, and internal and external links on your website. Google wants to see your dental website as authoritative so it feels comfortable ranking you above competitors and presenting you as reputable to users.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC ads can work in combination with SEO to increase your dental firm’s online visibility. By paying for PPC ads, your dental firm can have a spot on the top of Google; however, it’ll be clear to those searching that your website link is an ad. Many dental firms use PPC ads while they wait for SEO tactics to kick in. SEO often takes time to work because it’s an organic method of ranking your website in Google.

Dental Web Design

Dental web design is a key part of dental digital marketing. Not only do you need a well-designed website to increase your SEO, but you’ll need a well-designed website that’s user friendly if you hope to capture leads. Even if you’re ranked high in Google, your ranking has little value if you can’t keep readers on your site once they get there.

Your dental web design should be easy to navigate, have many calls-to-action, and focus primarily on informing readers of your business and addressing their needs. 

Content Marketing for Dentists

Content marketing is one of the most crucial parts of any digital marketing strategy. Content will drive every marketing effort you implement, whether PPC ads or your website. In SEO, you must have original content in place with keywords and links optimized throughout if you want Google to rank you. PPC ads should have a more actionable voice.

Your website’s content should vary in tone throughout, depending on what stage the reader is in the funnel. Social media content will also vary in tone depending on what type of post it is and whether it’s a paid ad or a post deliver to past clients.

Without a focused content marketing strategy in place for your dental firm, you’ll have a hard time guiding potential leads through the sales funnel and to the final purchasing stage. 

How Social Media Can Benefit Your Dental Firm

Social media may seem like an unnecessary use of time for your dental firm, but social media should be on your radar as an important marketing factor. Similar to Google, social media works as a search engine. People use social media to look for information on local businesses and ask friends for advice on their past experiences.

By cultivating a social media presence, you can improve your reputation with reviews, increase local visibility, and generate leads through referrals. Social media also has paid advertising options and retargeting methods you can use, which are helpful in keeping online users engaged.

Localizing Your Dental Digital Marketing Strategy

The key to dental digital marketing is to localize your strategy. Unlike some brands that have a national focus, dental firms are only looking to market to people within a local radius. Just because you’re local, however, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use the internet to your advantage. With targeted campaigns, you can localize your online presence and use maps rankings to get prospects in the door. 

Contact a Skilled Dental Marketing Agency

With so many key components to dental digital marketing, implementing an online campaign can feel overwhelming. Most dental firms don’t have the time or staff to handle the digital tasks needed to succeed. By working with an experienced dental marketing agency, you can focus on dentistry while we focus on growing your digital presence.

At ApricotDental, we have the staff and skills needed to handle all aspects of your dental firm’s dental digital marketing. We can tailor a comprehensive digital marketing campaign to your company’s needs and communicate our results with you every step of the way. If you’d like to schedule a free consultation with our team, fill out the contact form below or call 877-491-6981 to get started.

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