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In any industry, search engine optimization (SEO) is vital for getting your site on page one in Google’s search results. In the digital age, most people are searching for their dentists online. Many of your potential clients are searching for dentists in their area on their computers or phones.

Are you in the top three spots when they search? If not, you’re missing out on business.

When you’re seeking more patients to grow your business, you’ll need to focus on rankings, traffic, and website leads. But the dentist SEO market is a competitive one, and there are hundreds of factors to consider as you build your digital marketing campaign.

The SEO experts at ApricotDental can take control of your digital marketing campaign so you can focus on your practice.

Competition Is Tough for Dental SEO

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy for dental offices to stay afloat through word-of-mouth and happy customers. Now, most dentists are building their own websites to compete in the digital sphere. While offline methods of seeking customers do help, you’ll need to consider your online presence, too.

You’re not the only dentist looking to rank for your area. In New York City alone, there are hundreds of dentists looking to grow their clientele and boost their visibility in an online space. The same is true for most any city. That means you’ll need an internet presence that stands out from the rest.

A sleek design and the information your patients need will be vital to your success online, but that’s not all you’ll need. You’ll need a solid backlink profile with diverse anchor text, plenty of directory listings, razor-sharp meta titles and descriptions, an active blog, and a host of other dental SEO considerations.

Better SEO Rankings, More Dental Clients

What’s the big deal about SEO, though? You might have seen plenty of growth from traditional methods of seeking clients, such as billboards and magazine ads. SEO, however, gives you an even wider audience. When someone types “best dentists near me” into a search engine, you want to be the first result.

With a finely tuned dental SEO campaign, you can be.

When your site is more visible in search results, you’ll see more traffic. While not every potential client will schedule an appointment, many of the visitors to your website will become patients because ApricotDental will ensure that your content is engaging and informative and turn your website into a conversion machine.

The Right Approach for Your Dentist Site

You’ll need a unique dentist website that emphasizes the services you offer. At ApricotDental, we understand that you’re more than just a dentist: You offer services that make your office unique and that can be used to bring you more business.

We’ll highlight the services that make your dental office stand out. For example, you might offer cosmetic dentistry services that others might not. That might currently be something you mention on a small section of a billboard or flyer, and that might get some attention. Online, however, you’ll need to rank your landing pages for those keywords and bring in patients who are interested in those services.

How an SEO Company Can Help

When you’re already working hard to give your clients great smiles, it’s difficult to focus the necessary time on your online presence, too. You probably don’t have the resources of the top dental SEO providers, either. In fact, if you’re like most people in the industry, you probably aren’t sure how to begin an SEO campaign for dentists.

ApricotDental is here to help you with exactly that. Our team can get you the top rankings you need to compete in the world of SEO for dentists.

With the right team on your side, you can expect to see better rankings and more traffic, which means more clients for you. While you’ll need to focus on your current patients, our dentist digital marketing company can boost your growth and ensure potential future clients see you and what you offer.

Get Returns on Your Dental SEO Investments

When you’re ready to take the marketing of your dentistry website to the next level, reach out for help from ApricotDental. We’re passionate about SEO for dentists, and we know how to get your site to rank in the top spots for the searches that are most important to your business.

Fill out the online contact form below or reach out by calling our team of dentist SEO experts at 877-491-6981.

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