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Search engine optimization (SEO) and a gorgeous website are great tools for grabbing the attention of your prospects, but even if your website is showing up on page one, what’s actually on your website is important, too.

Once a prospect clicks on your website in the Google search results, you have to have dentist content writing that converts that person into a dental patient. If you don’t, that person will press the back button and find another dentist’s website.

Content for dental websites, social media posts, and dental directory listings is a critical factor in getting the patients necessary to keep a dental practice running. That’s why you need all three pieces of the conversion puzzle to get the results you’re after: SEO, a beautiful website, and engaging content that makes patients want to pick up the phone and call your office.

Turning Prospects into Patients: Four Stages of Conversion

Many people believe that when a person searches for a dentist, they are ready to call one up and make an appointment right at that moment. If your content is written only to an audience ready to make that call today, then you are going to miss out on all the prospects who aren’t quite ready yet.

The truth is that many people who visit a dentist’s website are simply researching their options or trying to learn more about a particular procedure. Depending on the dentistry services your practice provides, prospects could do a lot of research on your services before ever deciding to pull the trigger.

That means you need visitors who enter your website to be convinced not only that they want a certain type of dental treatment, but that it must be your office that provides that service. You need your website’s content to reach all prospects who may be in different stages of the “sales funnel.”

You must ensure that your content is created with each of these prospects in mind, and it has to be professional and informative. You also need to pay particular attention to the four stages of conversion:

Stage 1: Recognizing the Need for a Dentist

A person doesn’t often contact a dentist for treatment until they realize there is a problem, especially in the event that they need special services. Even if they are having pain or they think they want to get their teeth whitened, it may take them a while to fully realize that they need a dentist, and it will take even longer for them to make the call. This is the first stage.

Once they finally admit that they need help from a dentist, that’s when they will move into Stage 2.

Stage 2: Investigating the Options

Once a prospect has recognized the need for a dentist, they may start to do some preliminary research. How much is a root canal, anyway? How long will clear aligners take to straighten teeth? What’s the cost of a dental implant?

Your prospects will want answers to the questions they have about their dental situation. That means that even if they want the dental treatment they need, it may take a little time before they feel they have the money, the time, or the courage to make the call to your dental office.

Stage 3: Which Dentist to Choose?

After a prospect feels like they’ve done all the research they can do and have gotten most of the answers to their questions, that’s when they will try to figure out which dentist is the right one for them. You want them to choose you.

First, they will probably consider location. No one wants to drive an hour to get to the dentist. Location information in your content will be very important for this reason. They will also have many other considerations, which are unique to each prospect.

For instance, some people care a lot about what your office looks like or if you’re offering any special deals. Others will care about what type of insurance you take, whether you offer payment plans or take Care Credit.

You will want to ensure that your content answers these kinds of questions so you aren’t being passed over because a prospect isn’t sure whether you offer what they need.

Stage 4: They Want You as Their Dentist

The last stage in the sales funnel is when a prospective patient decides that they want to talk to you. Something on your website has convinced them that yours is the dental practice they want to go with.

That’s why it’s so important that your content converts and that your website’s call to action finally inspires the click you’ve been hoping for.

ApricotDental’s content writing for dentists will ensure that each page of content has something for leads in each stage of the sales funnel. That way, you’ll get more patients coming through your doors.

Matching a Prospect’s Search Results: Converting High Rankings into Clicks

ApricotDental will work tirelessly to not only get your webpages to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs), but to also turn those rankings into clicks and calls. You want a prospective patient to click on your site, rather than passing it by to click on one that sounds more like what they’re interested in.

The entire goal of SEO, commercial websites, and quality content is getting more traffic to your website and making those leads pick up the phone and call you. But how do we get a prospect to click on your link instead of all the others on page one of Google?

We must make your listing stand out from all the rest. The SEO titles and meta descriptions must match what potential dental patients are on the lookout for.

For instance, a dental page listing will look something like this on Google’s SERPs:

NYC Wisdom Tooth Dentist | 25% Off Initial Examination

Our team does a tremendous amount of research to figure out which keywords are being used to conduct searches. Our SEO titles and meta descriptions will match those keywords, leading to higher rankings and more traffic to your site.

Many searchers are going to be in Stage 2 or Stage 3 of the sales funnel, so your listings must meet their needs. For instance, Internet users are likely looking for more information about a dental procedure if they’re in Stage 2. They want questions answered: How long is the recovery time after wisdom tooth extraction? What are the risks of getting a tooth pulled?

Prospects in Stage 3 may already be ready for the treatment, but they want to know how much a dental exam will cost them and whether you’re running any specials, such as a free teeth whitening with a cleaning.

Search Console Analytics

Your ApricotDental team won’t stop at quality content and blog posts for dental websites; we will take full advantage of Google Analytics and the useful information this tool provides. We will analyze how your site is performing and make changes to content, titles, keywords, and meta descriptions accordingly.

We don’t just guess at what will work—we are constantly verifying that the decisions we make will lead to results for you. If you aren’t receiving the leads you’re hoping for, we will keep making changes until you’re swimming in dental patients.

Content Workflow and ApricotDental’s Guarantee

You can now see how important it is to have content that reaches prospects in all stages of the sales funnel. You want to get as many patients through your doors as possible, and that means you need engaging and informative content that is optimized for SEO. That’s what you’ll get when you work with ApricotDental.

If you work with us, you will be able to inspect all dentist content writing published on your website prior to publishing, or we can publish the on-site and off-site content and send you the links. Either way, we will send you publishing reports each and every month.

In addition, you and your business are protected by AprciotDental’s guarantee: Whatever we produce has to be 100 percent perfect. If ever an error is discovered or there is an SEO concern, our team will make changes to ensure that your site is optimized perfectly and ready to convert for you.

Please feel free to reach out directly to ApricotDental by dialing 877-491-6981 or filling out the online contact form below.

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