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Do Directory Listings Help SEO for Dentists? 

Online directories were once crucial tools used to get your business out there. Just like the paper directories (remember those?) used to be extremely useful for residents looking for local businesses or services, online directories were once as useful. 

Nowadays, people don’t use online directories as they once did, because the internet has changed. When you’re looking for a local business or service, such as a dentist, many people search through a search engine like Google, and they find the resources they need without using a directory. 

They can also check reviews, find maps, and secure other needed information without ever using a directory. Does that mean that directories are no longer valuable at all? Of course not. Many people still use directories, and it can still be a useful tool. You might even be wondering: Do directory listings help search engine optimization (SEO) for dentists? They can, if you know how to go about it.

Directory Listings to Boost SEO Efforts

Directory listings can help with your SEO goals. The theory behind this is that search engines use a variety of metrics to assess whether your dentist website is useful or not. Two of those metrics are known as trust and authority. If you are listed in reputable, high-quality directories, you will receive a boost to your website in these areas through linking.

It’s important to keep in mind that not all directories are helpful or useful, and some can actually hurt your SEO efforts. So how can you be sure you’re listing in the right directories? There are a few common-sense ways of knowing you’re doing things the right way and, hopefully, boosting your SEO.

  • First, make sure that you use well-known directories with a good reputation. Quality over quantity, people.
  • Second, if it’s free, it’s probably too good to be true. Most directories worth anything will charge to have your business listed.
  • Third, make sure the directory is relevant to your business.
  • Fourth, list in a directory that is carefully controlled. If you can call someone and talk to an actual person, that’s a good sign the directory is actively being moderated. Additionally, the directory should have contact information easily accessible.

Get in Touch with an SEO Company who Builds Directory Profiles

To wrap things up, do directory listings help SEO for dentists? Yes, they can, if you do everything right. Figuring out which directories to list in is not always simple, but you don’t have to handle this on your own. 

An SEO company can help you to build your website, your brand, your SEO, your dental website content, and your dental directories. Call ApricotDental at 877-491-6981 or complete the form below to reach us and receive your free website analysis.

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