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Dentist Video Marketing

When your practice needs an innovative and lucrative dentist video marketing strategy, ApricotDental is the right firm for you. We’ll review your current site to ascertain the most effective video content for your target dental market.

More than just a video development or editing service, our range of offerings also include determining the best platform for your video marketing content and pinpointing the optimal place and time to highlight the content on your website, YouTube, or other social media platforms.

Many dental practices aren’t aware of the many benefits that video production can have on the success of their business. This highly underutilized component of your marketing strategy can give your office the edge it needs to be the leading choice of dental practices in your area.

The Purpose of Video Marketing

Over time, it has become more common for popular search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo to give preferential treatment to websites that display media. Simply put, those websites that contain video elements will rank higher in search results than those that don’t.

If you have content on your site that is already optimized to its greatest current potential, embedding a video on your top-ranking pages is a great way to increase your organic visitors and rankings. A fully optimized page isn’t just about including a video, though.

Search engines such as Google also consider the bounce rate of a website when determining its ranking status. Bounce rate refers to the percentage of website visitors who click on your page and then quickly return to the search results because they didn’t immediately find the information or resource they were searching for.

Video content that captures your audience’s interest minimizes the bounce rate of your page and subsequently increases your overall website rankings.

The Ultimate Goal: Website Conversion

Dental video marketing offers a greater impact to your business than simply minimizing your webpage’s bounce rate. Creating custom, high-quality videos is a great way to connect with your audience. The more comfortable you are able to make a visitor feel, the more likely they are to pick up the phone and reach out to your practice.

High-quality videos send a quick, clear, concise message that explains who you are and what you have to offer a potential patient. With ApricotDental’s commitment to excellence, you’ll have professionally created videos to increase engagement, convert web visitors into patients, and increase your site’s overall search engine rankings.

The Right Marketing Firm Can Make All the Difference

The ApricotDental team is equipped to help you create every video your website will need to be a success. This might include content that will introduce you and your practice to future patients, the services your practice has to offer, reviews of your dental office, and videos that address specific questions or concerns a patient might have.

For instance, if you are a dentist who specializes in root implants, you might release a series of videos that focus on the process of extraction, recovery time, and any commonly asked questions about the process.

Our dental multimedia marketing process includes hiring a professional videographer in your area to meet with you to film the videos. The filming can happen at your office or another location of your choosing. Choose a location where you feel comfortable and natural. It’s important that you address the camera as you would a patient during a consultation.

Following the filming and editing process, your ApricotDental team will upload your professional media to your existing channel, or to a YouTube channel we can create for you. All of the videos we produce are owned by you.

Although it might seem like a simple task to product video content for your website and social media platforms, it’s important to remember that quality matters. A professional video can set you apart from your competitors, and we have the experience and tools you need to promote your business and convert digital visitors into lifelong patients.

Choose ApricotDental for Your Dental Professional Video Marketing Needs

We won’t inundate you with every way in which dentist video marketing can make your practice a success. When you choose ApricotDental, we’ll perform a website audit and market analysis on your current site so we can focus on the details that matter most, such as a high quality video marketing strategy.

You can take advantage of this opportunity today by filling out the quick contact form we’ve included at the bottom of this page or by contacting our office directly at 877-491-6981.

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