Tom Desmond CEO
June 1, 2020

The Importance of Internet Marketing for Dentists

The internet has become an essential place for professionals to market their businesses. In the past, dentists could get away with relying on word-of-mouth referrals. But if you’ve noticed your clientele diminishing, it may be because other dentists in your area are outshining you online through ads, blogging, and more. With so many people spending their time on Google and social media, you must send a message to this audience that you’re available.

Not only do you want to show internet users that you’re available as a dentist in their area, but you must set yourself apart from other dentists. What can you provide that other dentists can’t? Are you more trustworthy? Cheaper? Whatever it is, this differentiating factor is how you will succeed with internet marketing for dentists. ApricotDental is a dental marketing firm, and we’re here to help you.  

Lead Generation Potential

Dental internet marketing is important because of the immense lead generation potential. Without a website and a marketing strategy supporting that website, you’re missing out on hundreds if not thousands of potential leads who could visit your website and schedule services through it.

Many people in the world today want the convenience of online information and scheduling. Without offering these services, some people won’t even consider you as a dental option.

Engagement with Current Customers

With internet marketing, you can engage with your current dental patients. This may not seem important but it can establish loyalty and increase your referrals. Social media humanizes your dental practice and creates a sense of trust for your firm. Trust is crucial for dentists because many people fear the services you offer, as important as they are.

Reputation Boosting

When you create a strong brand voice and grow your presence online, your reputation may boost as a result. Having a good reputation will increase your chance of getting leads. In your internet marketing strategy, you can offer promotions, encourage past customers to leave reviews, and display testimonials as ways to boost your reputation further.

Local Ranking Power

One of the top reasons to put effort toward dental marketing online is to increase your ranking in local search. When people in your area search Google for dental services, having your name near the top of the page will help you gather website visitors and leads. This ranking power can result in long-term business that you might never have without internet marketing.

Consult a Dental Marketing Firm

Our team at ApricotDental strives to help dentists like you find their presence online. We know how powerful the internet is, and we want to help you build your dental practice as much as possible. With our professionals working on your marketing campaign day in and day out, you’ll see more leads and better business growth over time.

Ignoring internet marketing for dentists can be a big mistake. If you sit back and let your competitors conquer the digital space, you could miss out on a lot of potential clients who could benefit from your services. If you’re ready to take hold of the online dental market, you can schedule a free consultation with us by calling 877-491-6981 or by filling out the contact form below.

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