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How Does Page Speed Affect Dental SEO?

Building a dental website that turns visitors into dental patients isn’t easy. Even if your website is beautiful, and even if your content is clear and rich in keywords, you may have trouble climbing up the rankings. Have you wondered if you need the help of a digital marketing expert?

Fortunately, there are steps the team at ApricotDental can help you take. If you’re struggling to optimize your dental page and build your business, page speed and other factors can impact your rankings. Here’s why this happens, and what you can do to correct the issue. 

Slow Pages Increase Bounce Rate 

When a page slows down, many visitors become frustrated quickly. Many users only allow a few seconds of load time before leaving the site, or bouncing. Your bounce rate is the amount of time people spend on the page before leaving, and less time on your page means a worse bounce rate. 

If people aren’t spending much time on your site, that indicates to Google that visitors are not getting the information they need from your site. Even if you’re successful in every other area of your site, a high bounce rate will hurt your rankings. 

What Can Improve My Page Speed? 

If your site is slow, making your site easier to load and more mobile-friendly is your next step to improve your ranking. Many factors can hurt your page speed, leading to your higher bounce rate. 

First, images can increase load times significantly. The more images on the page, the more time it takes to load. Removing images can make a difference, and compressing files where possible can reduce the burden on your site. 

Other factors, such as caching, extra code on the page, and plugins, can leave your site struggling to load within seconds. But every site is different, and yours could have specific factors slowing it down. That’s why it’s important to seek out a professional and get help when your site is slow. 

Boost Page Speed with the Help of an SEO Focused Digital Marketing Firm 

A digital marketing campaign is essential in the age of smartphones and internet reviews. When your online presence is floundering and people skip your site, leaving you struggling to climb in the rankings, it can hurt your chances of success. 

The SEO focused marketing professionals at ApricotDental are here to help you improve your dental site to keep visitors on the page and convert them to patients. When you’re ready, start with a free consultation by calling 877-491-6981 or filling out the contact form below to reach out to our team. 

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