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How Does Readability Affect SEO?

As a dentist, you may have an in-depth knowledge of the science behind teeth, gums, and the mouth. But that in-depth knowledge may mean using a lot of complex sentences and words that may not be familiar to the average person. That lack of familiarity may make your website less readable for them. 

But how does readability factor into important details like search engine optimization (SEO)? The team at ApricotDental can guide you through the reasons you need to be concerned about readability—and what we can do to help your content succeed using dentist SEO techniques. 

Search Engines Will Notice 

Over time, search engines have gotten better at understanding human language. In the past, putting certain keywords in your content was enough to climb the rankings. Now, Google’s search engine understands context and other information, which can affect how your website ranks. 

Because search engines are getting better at understanding the content on websites beyond isolated keywords, using more human (natural) language can also help your site rank. Besides, you’re not just writing for the algorithm—you’re writing for your patients. 

Improving Bounce Rate

If you’re not writing for your patients, you may also run into trouble. The average American reads at a seventh-grade level, and if the language on your site is too complicated, many people may leave the page. That means people may be leaving your dental website without doing anything at a much faster rate. 

That can impact your search engine rankings, too. Google will notice that many people are leaving your site quickly, and the search engine will include this data in its decisions on ranking. If potential patients are leaving your site quickly, you may have trouble staying at the top of the rankings. 

Making Your Text More Readable 

So what can you do to improve the readability of your website? First, simplify your sentence structure. Short sentences with an active voice may be easier to follow. If a sentence is too long, the reader may lose track of what the sentence is about, leading to frustration. 

Shorter, simpler words can also improve readability. While technical terms may be necessary in some cases, substituting short words the audience will be familiar with means less confusion. If you’re struggling to simplify your content, your SEO company can provide quality content made for your site

Get Help Optimizing Your Site for Readers

When you’re trying to get dental patients, you need to make your site as friendly and easy to use for other people as possible. But optimizing your site for readability can be tough, and it can impact multiple areas of your site. 

At ApricotDental, we’re ready to take on the challenges of building a beautiful, easy-to-read website that converts visitors into clients. We can start with a free consultation, where we’ll discuss your site’s current weaknesses and how our dental SEO experts can strengthen your content and other elements of your site. When you’re ready to get answers, call 877-491-6981 or fill out the online contact form below. 


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