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When it comes to selling your dental office services, you may have a history of physical ads, commercials, and even billboards. You may even have some online presence through your social media accounts. A strong, interesting social media account can get local attention and help interest more local people in your office. 

But your dental marketing strategy may need a stronger focus on search engine optimization (SEO), too. With the right dental SEO strategy, you can build more traffic and convert more visitors to patients with your website and its content. The SEO experts at ApricotDental are here to help with this. Reach out for guidance on how SEO considerations can elevate your site and help your business grow. 

Search Engine Optimization for Your Area 

SEO is a key part of helping your site get noticed. SEO considerations help your site climb to the top of the search results in search engines, which makes it easier for your potential clients to find you. 

Many people now turn to a quick Google search to find services in their area. Being noticed during those Google searches may be just as important as having a popular social media page. More importantly, the vast majority of traffic goes to the top three spots on the search engine results page. If you’re not in the top three, you may get very little traffic. 

Getting people to click on your page is a vital part of your marketing strategy. If people aren’t looking at your page, you can’t convert local visitors into patients. Your SEO team is vital to getting visitors looking at your website. 

Do I Need an SEO Team?

SEO can be complex, too. You’re trying to rank your dental services among other dentists in your area, and you may have a lot of conflicting information on how to do that. Some outdated SEO tactics, like content spinning, can even lead to marks against you with Google. Not to mention these tactics are not user-friendly. 

Talking about your strategy with an SEO expert is a key part of successfully ranking your website in search engines. Your SEO company can give you up-to-date information on current SEO practices. 

Google is constantly updating, using the latest algorithm to make sure search results are as relevant as possible to visitors. Working with a team that can keep you up to date on the latest changes with Google’s search engine can help your site stay on top of the rankings. 

Talk to an SEO Expert About Your Dental Marketing Strategy

SEO is a key part of a powerful marketing strategy for dentist offices. Without it, it’s difficult to compete in the rankings with local competitors, making it tough to win new clients through your dental website. 

Let the marketing team at ApricotDental make your website work for you. Our team can update your website and ensure it meets current SEO strategy standards to get the attention of potential patients. We can start with a free consultation, too—we can discuss your site and what our team can do to help you dominate the rankings. 

Ready to work with a team of marketing professionals? Call us at 877-491-6981 or fill out the online contact form at the bottom of the page. 

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