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How Does Website Design Affect SEO?

If you’re working on your dental office’s website and you’re trying to boost your rankings, you may be thinking about ways to improve your site’s keywords, content, and even your linking strategy. But what about your website’s design?

Design is a key element of your website’s search engine optimization (SEO), but you may not realize just how important this tool can be. Luckily, the SEO team at ApricotDental can show you why your website’s design is so important and what you can do to improve yours.

Web Design Best Practices

When you’re formatting your dental office’s website, you need to be aware of the best practices that can impact your website and your rankings. If you’re not properly formatting things on your website, it can impact your rankings and how Google sees your site.

For example, improper formatting, such as using multiple H1 tags, may confuse the bots that index your website. Your H1 tells Google the title of your page. If you have more than one, Google may have difficulty classifying your page, which can hurt its rankings.

Issues like these show why it’s so important to keep to the right best practices. If you don’t maintain that standard, you may have difficulties boosting your site’s rankings, which can ultimately hurt your dentist office.

Web Design from a User Experience View

When it comes to SEO considerations for your website, it’s not always about Google’s algorithm. While this plays a major role in your site’s rankings, the way users interact with your site also plays a large part in how your website should be designed.

When visitors to your website find your website difficult to use or struggle to get the information they need, they may choose to leave the site, rather than continuing to try navigating the site. 

When visitors are quickly leaving your site without clicking on things or remaining on the page to read things, the search engines will notice. This indicates to search engines that visitors aren’t getting the information they need.

If that happens, other dental websites may appear higher in search engine results than yours. Even if their sites don’t contain as much information as yours, the algorithm may note that other sites tend to have more users who linger on the website at any time.

Talk to an SEO Expert to Boost Your Dental Site Design

Website design is a major part of your dental website’s success, but it’s not the only consideration for your site. Other elements can also play a critical role in your website. But you may already feel overwhelmed by the technical side of web design, so what can you do?

If you’re struggling to make a beatiful, highly responsive webpage, ApricotDental is here to help. Our team of design experts is here to help your site succeed. Ready to learn more? Sign up for a free site audit, where our team will review your dental website and discuss what we can do for you. Give us a call at 877-491-6981, or complete the online contact form below. 


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