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How Does Geo-Targeting Impact My Dentist Website?

When you’re running a dental office, you may need a little help expanding your business. You need new clients to see your website and set up their next appointment with your practice. But older ad methods simply aren’t as effective anymore. Few people pick up a newspaper, and many people have exchanged their cable services for streaming options. 

So how does geo-targeting work, and is it the best option for your dentist website? The specialists at ApricotDental can walk you through geo-tracking as part of your dentist SEO marketing strategy.

What Is Geo-Targeting? 

As a dentist, you want to serve the local population. Most people won’t or can’t travel far for dental services, which means you want your ad campaign to focus on the people close to your practice. But the internet is a big place—how are local patients supposed to find your practice? 

Geo-targeting is a type of ad campaign that lets you show your ads in a specific location. This refines the search process, helping locals get in touch with you. With the right pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, geo-targeting will help you reach an audience that covers people in your area who need your services. 

Can Geo-Targeting Help My Office? 

Refining the location of your ads will help people in your area find your office, without wasting traffic on people outside the local area. 

For example, let’s say your office is based in Rome, Georgia. Your campaign may focus on Rome dental services—but your city isn’t the only Rome in America. Because of this, you may be getting traffic from patients in Missouri, Oregon, Ohio, and beyond. These are potential patients who are too far away to use your services. 

That’s where geo-targeting will help. You can target specific areas in your area to gain relevant traffic. By targeting your area, you have a chance to get your page in front of the right audience, who may be seeking out your services. 

Contact an SEO Company for Geo-Targeting Services 

Getting business for your dentist website can be tough, especially if you’re getting clicks and attention from people outside your area. They’re definitely not crossing state lines for a dental appointment, so focusing your ad campaign is vital. 

Geo-targeting services will help your business grow, bringing in relevant traffic to your website and your office. To learn more about your options for geo-targeting, reach out to ApricotDental for a free consultation. Call 877-491-6981 or complete the online contact form below to get started with us. 

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